December 9, 2009

Thattai / தட்டை

This is one of my favorite snack. But its quite time consuming to make and also requires some assistance.

As the same way for murukku, I used the wet grinded rice for this one too. You may also use the rice flour and add water to get the desired consistency.

Idly Rice – 2 cups
Orid dal – 1/4 cup
Red chillies – 4
Groudnuts – 2 tbsp
Soaked Bengal gram – 1 tbsp
Curry leaves
Salt – to taste
Butter – ½ tbsp
Oil- to fry

• Soak the rice for 4 hrs and wet grind it with red chilly and pepper (Don’t add too much water. The batter shud be little thick)
• Dry roast the orid dal till a nice flavour comes
• Powder the roasted dal in a blender
• Dry roast the groundnuts and just crush them in the blender (the nuts shud be seen)
• Mix the grinded rice flour, powdered orid dal, groundnuts, soaked Bengal gram, curry leaves, salt and melted butter to make a thick dough (shud be little more flexible than u make for rotis)
• Make small balls out of the mixed flour
• Take the balls one by one and press it on a oil coated platic sheet. Make it thin.
• Poke it with a fork her and there
• Put this on hot oil and turn it to the other side after a while
• Take it out when the spluttering of oil stops
• Cool it and store in an air tight container

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