January 26, 2010

Namak Paare

Namak paare is pastry like crunchy snack. The actual recipe calls for carom(ajwain) but I replaced it with cumin seeds. This is great snack for the evening and can be served as appetizers for parties.


• 1/2 cup All purpose flour (plain flour or maida)
• 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
• 2 tablespoons Sooji fine (semolina flour)
• 3/4 teaspoon Salt
• 1/4teaspoon cumin seeds or ajwain
• 2 tablespoon oil
• About 1/3 cup water as needed
• Oil to fry


1. Mix flour, sooji, salt, carom seeds, and oil, and mix it with fingertips to get consistency of breadcrumb.

2. Add water as needed to make firm but smooth dough. Cover with damp cloth and set aside at least for ten minutes.

3. Knead the dough for another minute and divide in two equal parts.

4. Take each part of the dough and make a flat ball shape. Roll them into 9-inch circles and thickness of salted crackers.

5. Prick them with a fork all over the rolled dough, so the paras do not puff when frying.

6. Cut each of the rolled dough into about half inch wide and 2 inch long pieces. Note: you can cut them in your desire shape.

7. Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat.

8. The frying pan should have at least 1 ½ inch of oil. To check if the oil is ready, put a small piece of dough in the oil. The dough should make the oil sizzle and come up slowly.

9. Make sure to place just enough namak paras so you can turn them over easily when frying. Fry the namak paras until both sides are light golden-brown.

10. After namak paras come to room temperature they should become crisp.

Recipe source: www.manjulaskitchen.com

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