September 22, 2010

விநாயகர் சதுர்த்தி / Ganesh Pooja

Sep 11, 2010

Vinayakar Chathurthi is a great festival in India celebrated throughtout the country. The day is a festival not only for the family but for the entire city as we can see BIG Ganesh Idols everywhere and lots of pujas going on even blocking the roads. At home we'll get ready early in the morning to get the Ganesh Idol from shops. We'll go to get the most graceful looking "Vinayagar" and get all his accessories (eyes, umbrella, garland made of erukampoo) from nearby shops. Then comes the decoration part where we'll put sandal all over Ganesh, dress him up and beautify him with flowers and ornaments..though we've to put him back in water after 3 days...Then making of kozhukattais (modhakam) and then waiting for prayer time to taste them... Miss them a lot here...Though we try to make the pooja part atleast without failure..

About the pooja, it is Lord Ganesha's Birthday. Generally before starting any work, we'll pray Ganesha as he'll bless success on all our endeavors by removing all obstacles. And on this day its very auspicious to pray the elaphant faced Gananatha. To know more about this day click here. Its also very good if you can chant the Vinayagar Agaval on this day. (Click here for tamil version).

And about my pooja, I'll offer the God with Fruits, Flowers, Modhakam, Sundal and Medhu Vadai. These are the main offerings here comes the actual (big) list done at my in-laws house.
1. Tamarind Rice
2. Lemon Rice
3. Coconut Rice
4. Ven Pongal
5. Sambhar
6. Moor Kuzhambu
7. Some Vegetable Poriyal

I really wonder how they are able to do so many things in just few hours. Have to admit..My MIL is great!!! We tried to make some of these for the puja and prayed the almighty for all Health and Happiness.

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