September 22, 2010

Anada Viratham /அனந்த விரதம்

Ananda Viratham or Ananda Padmanaba Viratham so called "Nonbu" in our family is a pooja which is observed every year in my in-laws family . We do this pooja every year on the date as told by my Mother-in-law and I didn't even know about the exact name of this Viratam except for how it is called "Nonbu". This year when she told about this Pooja day I just wanted to search on the web to know more details. And luckily I came across some interesting facts which I was not aware.

This pooja occurs on the Full-Moon day(Pournami) that comes after "Vinyagar Chathurthi". The Pooja is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (to my surprise it was not Lord Shiva..) who is in Anada sayanam - sleeping posture on the Anatha Nagam (snake). The purpose of this pooja is to pray the Almighty to relieve from sorrow and give happiness (aanandam).

The main ritual on the day is to wear the sacred thread (nonbu kayir) kept on pooja after finishing the pooja rituals. This sacred thread is actually a band of 14 threads but we do get readymade red threads called as "Rettai Nonbu Kayir" which is different for men and women. We'll make a Kalasam by keeping a coconut on top of a silver pot which is tied with thread all around. Also we have to offer the god with Manjal(whole turmeric), Kumkum, Flowers, Banana, green leaves (vetrilai) everyhitng to be on a count of 14 (I make it on a count of 5 a custom changed by my great husband).

Offerings other than flowers and fruits, include Puttu, Kesari and Medhu vadai. After doing the aarti, we have to pray the god with akshata (made of rice and flower mixed with turmeric) 14 times and then tie the Nonbu kayir.

For more details on this Viratham click here.

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