September 11, 2012

Kalakand / Paalgova

Paalgova as it is called in my native place is a milk sweet. The one available at the "Aavin" milk booths are most famous. It usually comes in bowls/tins and doesn't have any shape (just like kesari). Recently I had a similar sweet in my friends house and got to know its name as "Kalakand:. It was shaped square with some nuts garnished on top. She told its simple to make this with Ricota chesse and condensed milk.

I browsed for the recipes and used the one I found in Show-Me-the-curry. I made this for Krishna-Jayanthi and it was super simple and tastes fabulous. I did it in microwave and you can do it stovetop too by keep on mixing over medium heat. And most important, it takes just one bowl to make and you don't have much cleaning.  Just try it out wen u have a chance.

Ricotta Cheese – 15 oz
Condensed Milk – 14 oz
Rose Water – 1/4 – 1/2 tsp (or 2-3 drops of Rose Essence)
Cardamom Powder – 1/4 tsp
Chopped Pistachios – 1/2 tbsp
Chopped almonds – 1/2 tbsp
Yellow food color - a pinch (optional)

1. In a microwave bowl, mix the Ricotta Cheese and the Condensed Milk well. Mash down all the lumps with a help of a whisk.
2. Cook in the microwave for 5 minutes uncovered. Take out and mix well. Make sure that you loosen the edges.
3. Back in the microwave 3 more minutes, uncovered. Take out and mix.
4. Microwave for 2 minutes, covered. Take out and mix.
5. Microwave for 2 minutes,cross covered, take out and mix.
6. Add the yellow food color, mix well and microwave for another 6 minutes, uncovered taking out and stirring every 2 minutes.
7. It is ready when it reaches a granule consistency but still sticky and together. you can make a ball together at this stage. Mix well then.
8. Add in the Powdered Cardamom and Rose Syrup/Rose Essence and mix well again.
9. Grease a square and rectangle bowl and transfer this mixture to that. Press down and flatten the mixture.
10. Sprinkle chopped Pistachios and Almonds on top and press them down to help them
11. Cover and allow to set either in the refrigerator for an hour or on the counter-
top for a few hours.
12. Cut into desired shape and serve

Linking this recipe to South Indian Cooking happening @ Anu's Healthy Kitchen.


  1. awesome ..join me in Fast food - Pasta , Know your Sweetness - honey and Know your Flours -Corn flour event in my blog.

  2. Thank you all for your delicious comments!

  3. Nice. On my blog I have same recipe but with khoya.


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