July 25, 2012

Teddy bear cookie

Cookies are ever time favorite for kids. Why not make it even more interesting for them? Yeah.. its cookie in the shape of teddy bears with a cool handle to hold. I got a cool idea from Howdini.com.  This will be perfect for birthday parties too.

And the most important thing, we can involve them in decorating. My cookies were decorated by my kid. So please don't bother about the perfection. All I'm happy is they are getting engaged outside the TV box..For the video recipe please check here. I used the instant cookie mix this time, but you can try with your own cookie recipe.


For making Cookie Betty crocker peanut butter cookie mix - 1 packet
Egg - 1
Oil - 1/2 cup
Water - 1/4 cup

For Decoration Icing mix
Colored candies
Popsicle sticks


Mix all the ingredients for cookie to a dough.

Make a big ball around the size of a golf ball of the cookie dough. Shape it round and keep it on the greased cookie tray. This is for the face of the teddy

Make two small balls for and keep on the top part of the big ball to shape as ears. These 3 balls(1 bug and 2 small) makes 1 teddy.

Make similar balls and keep 8 teddy in one sheet with spacing inbetween.

Next insert the popsicle sticks to the neck part and press down. Gently press the balls to flatten them

Bake them in a preheated oven at 375F for 10_12 mts until slightly brown. Cool them in a cooling rack.

After they cooled down using icing mix for making the parts of face.. eyes,  nose and mouth

Keep a drop of icing mix and press a candy on top of that for making nose. Similar way do for the eyes. Using the icing mix, draw the mouth part. Add some bows to make the teddies really inviting.

Yummy Teddy bear popsicles are ready to crunch.

I'm sending this recipe to Cookie-Mela happening at Cooking 4 All Seasons.


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